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July 2017 Surf Photos

July 2017 was slim on waves and some folks traveled for surf;  the rest of us enjoyed swimming, snorkeling, fishing, paddling and even some wake boarding.  Though there were lots of overcast and humid days, the air was comfortable and the water was warm...

Dave making the best of some low tide conditions...

For David there is no place better to be than in the water on a hot July morning...

Rebecca trimmed and running for the nose...

Art putting on a clinic for the kids, check out all of those mouths hanging open in awe...

Kristin charging through the waves on a sprint board during morning workout...

Gidget making it oh so easy...

Candace on a nice back-side slide with a rail grab and hand drag, nice...

"No waves, no problem" for Alisa and Tiffany, they just went wake boarding instead, right-on...

Jenna and Charlie were treated with a visit from a very social pod of dolphin this morning...

"What's missing from this photo"?  YOU!  Our photographer loves to capture folks in frame with dolphins, all you have to do is paddle into frame...