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Surf Photos May 2017

This May brought plenty of windy days, low tides and minimal surf but there were a few days when things were really fun and we were on it.  Lots of visiting dolphin added to the fun and as the month came to a close the water started warming as well...

Candace styling it on a 10'0" Dewey Weber Stylist and making it look easy...

Lots of dolphin visited this May, many like this one were very social...

Our photog with his version of a modified "Quasimoto"...  Photo by Brendan

It's always an honor to walk down the ramp and surf with South Bay Legend Mike Purpus.  Besides being a great surfer and a super fun guy to surf with, Mike tells the best surf stories ever...

Yes, this wave was THAT big and Perrie not only made the wave but rode rode it all the way to the beach...

Ever vigilant, we love Lifeguard Charlie...

Ou Liz, that is a really BIG wave...

...and the inevitable "exit stage left"...  :)

Nick looking really good on one of those special days when the off-shore wind blew until two in the afternoon...

Thomas getting it done with style...  Photo by Brendan

Chris in a blur of speed...  Photo by Brendan

They say surfing makes you happy, Liz would agree... Photo by Brendan

Ah, Bill in the sweet spot on a nice wave...  Photo by Brendan

Gidget totally focused on a nice wave over a shallow sand bar...  Photo by Brendan

John stoked with the clear, warming water on this May morning; Summer is just around the corner...