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Surf Photos April 2017

April 2017 was a windy month with lots of low tide mornings and sketchy conditions.  Still, the loyal showed up and if there was anything that looked even remotely like a wave, they were on it...

Sometimes it's just so darn good to see your friends in the water...

Liz styling as usual...

For Rebecca there's nothing like a little water time during semester break to clear her head...

Just like us, Vinnie was wondering "what the heck is that and will it eat me"?

The boys of Lanakila Outrigger club on morning workout...

So many tempting waves that were so closed out in shallow water...

Here we go, a sunny weekend with fun waves and everyone had a blast...

Church on the beach, surfers in the water; 'such is Easter morning in Southern California...

The dolphins were very social this month, the surfers were too...

The "Motley Crew", having fun as usual.  Thanks for the photo Dan-O...