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Surf Photos March 2017

March 2017 brought a more typical weather pattern, lots of windy days plus some record setting rain.  Nonetheless, there were some nice days to be had and we made the most of them...

Luke tucked in and enjoying the ride...

Surfing is always best when shared with people you love...

Even with his heavy snow skiing schedule this year, Ben found time to ride the waves too...

You can't get good unless your willing to pay some dues; Brendan always goes hard, most of his rides are awesome and sometimes his wipe-outs are too...

Brendan, all style and finesse as usual...

Mayor John dropping in and looking good...

It's always Summer for Marc and always fun...

The Professor charging hard on a beautiful green peeler...

Rick, in the zone and in control...

Steve, just as smooth as glass and always graceful...

Tara and her favorite board perfectly trimmed...

Sun, waves and sea life; it doesn't get much better for Marc...

Art and Marc on the hunt, in their trunks, and Spring is here at last.  See you next month and remember, surf with aloha...