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Surf Photos December 2016

This December the warm water we were blessed with for so long finally gave way to colder water temps brought by cold Winter storms.  The younger, hardier wave riders were still at it while the rest held down the parking lot and dreamed of warmer conditions.  Everyone is staying stoked though and looking forward to a great 2017...

Kyle, perched and poised...

Art riding full throttle as usual...

Alan didn't seem to be bothered by the cold water and was charging as usual...

Phillip at warp speed with a nice lip behind him...

Ben home on break from school in Montana and taking full advantage...

New dad Charlie making the most of a morning off from dad duties...

Scott focused on the fun...

Luke parked on the nose with five over, niiiice...

Candace cranking hard off the bottom...

Dan-O making the best of some 56 degree water on a chilly Winter morning...