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Surf Photos October 2016

October 2016 was a continuation of the last few months of less than ideal surf conditions.  The beach bottom never really shaped up for Summer surf and not much has changed so far this Fall.  We found things to do in the water on no surf days and on the few days there was something to ride we were on it, having fun as usual...

Brendan cranking off a nice bottom turn...

Candace charging some overhead juice...

Phil getting covered up on a sprint board...

Vince all business and looking good...Vince all business and looking good...

Marc making the drop on a big one, photo by Ben...

It's always fun to see Tiffany in the line up, photo by Ben...

Veith in the sweet spot and charging, photo by Ben...

Candace on an underwater adventure on a no surf day...

Lots to be seen during underwater adventures in the surf line including schools of nice young Corbina like this one...

Quack...  :)

We were blessed with lots of curious and friendly visiting dolphin this month...

Tres amigos...

A flotilla of unlimited boards, wave skies, paddle boards and sprint boards headed out for an off shore adventure...

No matter how small the waves, Kelsey finds them, rides them and always has a blast...