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Surf Photos September 2016

September 2016 brought lots of no-surf days with either poorly shaped/dangerous waves or plain flat conditions.  The main issue this year was the shape of the bottom; we have a sand bottom at TORR and depend on sandbars favorable for good wave production.  Those sandbars never came this August or September.  Some folks traveled for surf, others tended to things usually neglected during times of good surf.  For those who just needed to be in the water regardless of conditions there was always paddling, diving and exploring.  Here are a handful of photos of your friends doing their best to "keep having fun, as usual"...

Due to the less than ideal conditions this month we saw plenty of boards broken in the rough surf and a few injuries as well.  We are so fortunate to be watched by some of the best Lifeguards in the world.  Remember: "Always swim and surf in front of a manned Lifeguard tower"...

One of the ways some of us tried to stay in shape was by taking the prone paddle boards off-shore for workouts...

Marc just never gives up trying for waves and here he is being rewarded for his efforts...

Some of our younger surf friends headed off to college this month but not before squeezing in one more surf like Becca here...

The annual "Surfing 4A Cure" event happened this month; there was a good turnout and funds were raised for pediatric cancer research.  The waves were sketchy and close to shore but our surf friend Ben made us look good with his camera, thanks Ben...

Smiling Brendan and Kristie taking a workout off shore on the stand-up paddle boards...

Maribeth brought her mask and snorkel and explored out in front of the TORR tower, look below to see what she found...

...yup, Maribeth found these two lobster hanging out right in front of the TORR tower in about 12 feet of water.  Obviously escapees from this weekends "Lobster Fest 2016" at Redondo's King Harbor...

A short paddle from TORR towards the peninsula will often afford you some fun underwater viewing in the shallows where you'll find fun things to look at like our state fish the Garibaldi...

Danielle on a no surf day but still stoked to be in the warm sun and water...

Candace came prepared for anything with her mask, camera and surfboard and was even ready to snag this rogue wave.  Right-on Candace...

We're not sure how she does it but if there is ever a ride-able wave anywhere in the ocean, Gidget seems to find it...