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Surf Photos July 2016

July 2016 brought warm water and that's always a good thing.  The waves were typical for Summer time here, inconsistent and not too big.  Lots of folks still enjoyed the water though and we managed to capture some of the fun for you here...

Even little waves bring big thrills for Gidget...

Maribeth pulling hard and putting some power into that paddle...

Brendan with a new move so fancy we don't even know what it is...

Brian looking cool and collected...

Candace finessing her way down the line...

New dad Charlie taking a well earned surf break...

Danielle working out on the sprint board and enjoying the ride...

Jeff flying like an Atlas rocket...

Marc doing it Hawaiian Style...

Patrick, pure power...

Stacey showing us why we surf, it's fun...

George on a sweet right...

Mayor John never ceases to thrill...

Vince with a nice head dip...