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Surf Photos May 2016

Can you say "May Grey"?  Not too much sun at the beach this month but we did have some fun days of waves and the gang was there to enjoy them.  The water temperature never got too cold this Winter or Spring, mostly staying in the low 60's.  That's fine with us, most of us got away with getting one more year out of our leaky 4/3 suits while others were in 3/2's.  Then of course there is always those youngsters that don't wear wet suits at all, ahh youth.  At this writing some sunnier days are forecast and we are looking forward to a great Summer...

Ben, poised and looking good...

Carlos in a rare moment of not riding a wave twice as big as him...

Christian had a birthday this month, Happy Birthday surf brother!

Eric is one of the few surfers who looks great no matter which direction he's going...

George in waaay over his head but totally calm and in control, right George?  :)

...and the "Best Beard award" again goes to The Professor...

We were stoked to have Abby join us for a surf session this month...

Ben looking super cool silhouetted in the morning sunrise...

Happy Liz, always smiling and always charging...

...and speaking of always charging...

Marc, going hard and one of those youngsters we mentioned that rarely feels the need for a wetsuit...

And May would not be complete without a beach flyover of WWII airplanes for Armed Forces Day...