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Surf Photos February 2016

We had some rain, some wind, and lots of days of big waves with funky tides making for less than ideal conditions.  Being optimists we hoped all the churning water was making some great sand bars for the next month.  On the scattered days we did make it out we managed to get at least a few photos to share...

Carlos charged the big ones this month...

Ben surfing at warp speed into the morning sun and off shore wind...

Brendan braving "one of those days" when all the conditions were right but there was just not much shape to the waves...

Ben taking a moment to soak it all in and be grateful...

Double vision...

Thomas looking good...

"No waves, no problem", Veith just takes a swim instead...

Chris got the prize for managing to squeeze into the tiniest of barrels this morning...

Everything feels right when good friend Christian is in the line-up...

"It's a dolphin, mom; honest"...

Steve looking as handsome as ever...

Annie grabbing a rail and perfectly positioned...