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Surf Photos January 2016

We might have broken the several year drought this January; we had lots of rain and serious weather days.  Along with the weather also came lots of big juicy swells for the adventurous, below are photos of some of the hearty souls who ventured out...

Carlos flying and Mayor John smiling...

We really enjoy getting candid shots like this one of John; you don't think he is standing up so straight because he knows a camera is there, do you?

Ben dropping in on a really big, thick, bomber wave.  John asked him:  "What was in your mouth, Ben"?  Ben replied:  "Air"!  We think it was his heart...

One of the most consistent chargers out this month was Carlos and he had a blast...

Marc doesn't like cold water (who does?) but that didn't slow him down this month, he just wore more rubber and kept having fun...

It was really fun seeing our friend Mason out in the water this month having fun, as usual...


Thomas, smooth as can be...

BBAM & Gidget, sometimes we just get so excited there are waves...

Chee and her lucky hat trimmed up on a nice backside slide...

Speaking of lucky hats, Veith had his on this morning and was having a ball...

Brendan with the "Eye of the Tiger"...

There we were on that frosty January morning when this mystery surfer paddled out in his trunks and took off on the biggest wave of the day; he so surprised all of us he was nothing more than a blur...

...but when he paddled back out with that huge smile we immediately recognized him as the fun loving Art.  Way to go Art, you rip...

Every once in a while we get one of those photos were we say: "If you look up the meaning of stoke, this is the picture you'll find with the definition".  This is one of those photos...