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October 2015 Surf Photos

Courtesy of El Nino conditions in the Pacific Ocean, warm water conditions continued through this October with water temps remaining in the 70's.  There were some stormy days that kept us out of the water but we took advantage of the good days for sure. 

Of course the month ended with our annual Halloween Surf on Saturday October 31st; the weather and waves conditions were ideal and a good time was had by all.  The photos from the Halloween Surf can be seen here:



Super clear water made for some interesting photos this month, here is one from Candace...

Another cool shot from Candace, a good reminder "we are not alone" in the surf line...

Candace searching for treasure and cool photo opportunities in the surf line...

When the surf was down, Candace was exploring underwater but when the surf was up, she was on her board charging it...

Speaking of charging it, Carlos always charges and always brings the stoke...

Surf Sista Mary on her mat and having a blast...

Bob enjoying the ride...

The sunny skies and warm water puts everyone in a good mood and can make the surf line just like one big playground...

Mayor John in his cool new trunks and in the sweet spot of a wave...

On one morning and just for a few hours this month some big waves showed up at the beach and Brad was there to ride them, wahoo...

Chad always brings the stoke to the line-up...

This month brought lots of mornings with steep, fast waves; many of us sat out on those days but Jeff was among the few that rode the "fast and furious" conditions...

Submitted by proud papa Bram Sr., here's Bram Jr. locked into a beautiful tube during a high school surf meet.  According to dad; after two weeks of competitions Bram made it to Second Place for Long Boarding in the South Bay High School Surfing Kick Off Classic.  Right-on Bram...