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Surf Photos July 2015

July 2015 brought tropical conditions with warm air, warm water and plenty of waves to ride.  In addition, on July 19th we were stoked to participate in the annual "Surfing 4A Cure" event helping to raise more than $15,000 for pediatric cancer research.  From Surfing 4A Cure organizers to donators to participants; all gave from the heart and embodied everything "Surfing with Aloha" and being a Riviera Wave Rider are all about.  It was a good month...

Brendan looking good!

Steve, John and Danny making the take-off together...

Dell getting the view of John we all know too well...

'Best head-stand at the Surfing 4A Cure event went to Abby...

Brendan with some beautiful cross-stepping at the Surfing 4A Cure event...

"Cool Cat on a hot foam board" is what Chad called George, we agree...

Chuck making the drop and negotiating traffic...

Andy of Hori Surfboards stoked on one of his beautiful creations...

Barry, producer of the annual "Beach Shorts Film Fest" looking fabulous...

Candace, focused and charging...

Candace, Abby and Eric sharing the stoke and the aloha...

Chad in his custom "Surfing 4A Cure" shirt smiling and styling...

Surf Sista Mary making her mat look oh-so fun...

Surfing 4A Cure team captain Matt in a casual stance and looking good...

Candace doing it with finesse...

John; always fun to watch, always fun to surf with and we love him...