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Surf Photos March 2015

March 2015 was one of the mildest weather months ever; very little rain, not much wind and moderate air and water temperatures.  We all appreciate California needs rain but while we were conserving water we sure enjoyed the great beach conditions...

Gidget still stylin' and still smilin'...

How many of us can even manage a handstand on land?  Not many of us if any we think.  Art up to his tricks and looking good...

Yes Art, we saw you and we would be smiling too...

Mayor John, totally stoked and telling story post surf...

Ann focused and charging "as usual"...

Chris beautifully framed by a delicious liquid curl.  Thanks for the photo Brendan.

Candace 'powering-off a bottom turn and ripping.  Thanks for the photo Brendan.

Chris focused going back-side with a rail grab, awesome.  Thanks for the photo Brendan.

Mayor John, the man, the myth, the legend...  Thanks for the photo Brendan.

Jacqueline didn't waste a minute of Spring Break hopping in the water on her first day off and grabbing some great waves.  Her smile tells it all...

Catching a fun wave is good, doing it in front of your friends is the best.  Here's Rick pretending he doesn't know we were all watching and cheering for him...

Candace negotiating a great wave and our surf photographer with style...

Our friend and paddle board racing champ "DJ" practicing "in's and out's" in the surf line and having a blast...

We have watched Hudson grow-up over the years and one thing has been consistent; he is a great surfer and really fun to watch...