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February is often one of the toughest months of the year with respect to catching some decent weather and surf conditions.  The weather is often cold and the surf tends to be larger, faster and more walled-up.  The hearty persevered though and were rewarded with some fun sessions.  The water remains warmer than usual, many of the exotic fish are still around and everyone is looking forward to an awesome Spring and Summer of surfing.  Below are some photos from some of those fun sessions...

Veith, one of the happiest, most grateful surfers in the line-up...

Les diggin' the ride under the watchful eye of The Mayor right behind him...

Ben has one speed, full speed!  Hard charger that Ben...

Angel swinging a clean cut-back and lining up for a nice left...

"How big were the waves, Carlos?"  "They were overhead."  No arguments here...

Sometimes, John is just a wave-catching machine; this photo is from one of those mornings...

John W., totally focused while making a beautiful backside drop...

Candace tucked and perfectly positioned while hoping for a visit to the green room...

All smiles, this photo of Chris is proof-positive that "surfing makes us happy"...

After making the entry and drop, Candace looks up and surveys the possibility of making this green monster...

Chris, on this one we shall call him "The Matador".  Great wave, Chris!

Once again, evidence that "surfing makes us happy".  Mermaids and surf friends Valerie and Abigail stoked to be enjoying a sunny February morning and fun waves together...