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Surf Photos January 2015

January 2015 was, well, different as every month can be.  But between holidays, family commitments, a tough flu season and several rain days we still managed to keep the fun alive.  The water remained warmer than usual; the warm water brought exotic fish like Yellowtail and Dog Tooth Grouper into the bay and we had an assortment of whales that stayed with us for weeks...

Mayor John gliding into the morning light...

"Carlos would go" and yes, here he goes again...

Dave had a back-up-plan mounted on the nose of his board in case our photographer didn't show-up.  'Nice wave, Dave...

After a great three hour session Gidget enjoyed her last wave in while her hair was still dry...

Chris only has two speeds, off and full-speed-ahead...

The Mayor stalls to make sure the photographer is getting the shot; we got it John!

Liz never stalls for a photo, she is always focused and charging...

Speaking of always charging and always full-speed-ahead; Victor is one of the hardest chargers out there and is always a blast to surf with...

Way has found his magic board and has been digging the glide; 'right-on Way...

Ruggedly handsome and always polite; Eric angles and trims on a sweet inside wave...

Art drops in on the big one while planning ahead on a nice tube ride; see the "Green Room" page to see how he finished his ride...