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Beach Happenings

The beach is enjoyed by many folks for many reasons from organized surfing and paddling events to beach clean-ups; Coast Guard emergency training, Junior Life Guards, fireworks shows and even weddings.  This section will celebrate these varied uses and hopefully in time; we will be able to share some of the lesser seen or unique ones.


2014 USCG Beach Drills/Training

The United States Coast Guard holds training drills on the beach annually; here they are during September of 2014 amidst the swimming, helicopter and boat maneuvers and smoke flare training on the beach...


2014 - South Bay Dozen Surf Races

The "South Bay Dozen" surf races returned to Torrance Beach in June this year and once more were as exciting as ever to watch...


2013 - Surfing for a Cure

Surfing for a Cure 2013 was hosted at Torrance Beach again this year by Brendan, Adele and a host of helpers; it was lots of fun and a huge success. 

Two local news reporting agencies were present at the event and you can see their video coverage of the action here:




2012 - Dwight Crum Pier to Pier Swim

Steve Fisher on the far right with his support crew getting ready for his 17th pier to pier swim. Steve  finished the race in just 1 hour and 4 minutes; congratulations to you and your team, Steve...


2012 - Velzey Stevens Pier to Pier Paddleboard Championship

A number of your friends paddled in the pier to pier race in August; Gidget placed number one in the senior women's stand-up class and Rick placed third in the senior men's stock paddleboard class.  Congratulations to all of the racers...

The intrepid Riviera Wave Riders racing team at the end of the race...

Congratulations to Gidget for her first place finish and gold medal...


2012 - Surfing 4 a Cure

Ohana ~ "Part of Hawaiian culture,  Ľohana means family in an extended sense of the term, including blood-related, adoptive or intentional. It emphasizes that family are bound together and members must cooperate and remember one another".  Here is part of our water family at lunch with one of our youngest members, Jack, seated at the head of the table.  At just 11 years old, Jack has already battled off cancer 3 times.  On June 10th, 2012 we rallied with Jack and the Ever Lasting Smiles Foundation to fight cancer in the "Surfing 4 a Cure" event at Torrance Beach.  Organized by Brendan and Adele; we took turns surfing for 12 hours and donations from sponsors were given to cancer research.  In this photo, this is an after-surf lunch at Pedone's in the Village where Pedone's most generously donated 20% of the day's proceeds to the Surfing 4 a Cure cause...


2012 - Time to submit your surf movie!

Our surfing friend Barry Hatchett puts this event on every Summer and we always enjoy going.  If you are an amateur film maker, you are invited to submit, see the flyer here for details.  Whether you are a film maker or not, we'll see you on August 18th at the event...


2012 - Honoring Sgt. Noah Korte

On January 9, 2012 we had a visit in the surf from Larry Paul of the U.S.O.  Larry had come to honor the memory of a fallen soldier, Sgt. Noah Korte of Lake Elsinore, CA.  Larry paddled out into the lineup and asked if we would spend a few moments with him to remember and honor Noah and we did.  Larry later wrote this note to us: 

"...thank you very much for helping out.  My name is Larry Paul, I volunteer at the USO at LAX and am on the "Families of the Fallen" committee at the USO, in conjuction with the LAX police department.  We meet families from California who have lost loved ones in service, helping them as they arrive at LAX to make the transition home a little easier.  We also meet the remains of the fallen on the tarmac of the airport and help provide a dignified return and to make sure they are not forgotten.  I can't remember who all were there today, but I can't thank each and everyone of you enough for taking the time to honor Noah.   I see your group most days and know you highly enjoy your time in the water and knew you and your friends would be gracious in your honoring Noah, another great big thanks to you all.  Thank you again for your time and display of honoring one of our heros.  I look forward to riding with your group....   With great appreciation,  Larry" 

We took some photos and video for Sgt. Korte's family and friends and put them together for them here:  http://youtu.be/oZtfTNTNTjA Thank-you to all of you who took time to honor Noah Korte that day and thank-you to all of you who are part of our great ocean family everyday...


2011 - From across the Pacific

During December of 2011; Lifeguard Charlie retrieved a 10 foot plank of mahogany from the surf line.  Interestingly, the plank was covered with very ornate and intricate painting that appeared as though it may have been from someplace like a Buddist Temple.  The weathering of the wood suggested the plank may have floated from Japan following the March 11, 2011 earthquake and tsunami...

A close up of some of the very detailed painting on the plank...


2011 - Velzey Stevens Pier to Pier races

Matthew pulling hard for the finish line in  the 2011 Velzy-Stevens Pier to Pier race.  Despite wind and rough seas, Matthew finished the 1.8 mile course in just under an hour.  Matthew was one of the youngest competitors and the only 11 year old to race on a Stand-Up board; a 12' board at that.  Right-on, Matthew...

Our photog paddled in the Pier to Pier and took this photo at the start of the race; the condtions were windy and rough, less than ideal...

Matthew pre-race, getting tips from his mom who earned a third place medal herself paddling in the 49 and under Female Stand-Up division...

Steve charges to the finish line in the 2011 Dwight Crum Pier to Pier swim.  Steve broke a personal best time by finishing under an hour.  Way to go Steve...


2011 - Junior Life Guards

Emma (left) and Hanna are all smiles on their first day of reporting for Junior Guards...


2011 South Bay Dozen Ocean Races

The Jimmy Miller Foundation and Hennessey's sponsered the South Bay Dozen ocean races at Torrance Beach on Saturday, June 18th, 2011.  Here, rowing dories at rest on the beach between race heats...

Surf skiis at the starting line ready to charge the surf...* 

Lifeguard Josh in front of the boat with his partner charging-out for their heat...  Guest photo

As if it wasn't challenging enough rowing through the surf...  Guest photo

*We made a short video of this great day of fun that included surfers, racers and dolphin; you can view it at:


You can also view more still photos of the event at: 



2011 - Annual moving of the Towers

Fall 2010; the moving of the Lifeguard Towers is an annual event.  When Fall comes the towers are moved to "higher ground" where they will hopefully be safe from winter waves and sand erosion...


2010 - Dwight Crum Pier to Pier race

Steve charging to the finish line of the International Surf Festival Pier to Pier swim.  1.8 miles in 1 hour and 8 minutes, right-on, Steve...

The International Surf Festival happens each year during the first part of August.  For 2010, soccer on Torrance Beach, Lifeguard competitions at Redondo and paddle/swim races at Manhattan & Hermosa.  Four of our crew placed in the 2010 paddling competition...


2010 Summer of Color

Summer 2010 and all the towers were covered in color from Zuma to San Pedro.  Here is a tower not far from ours...

According to what it says on the Tower; it is a "Summer of Color".  Over 100 Lifeguard Towers from Zuma to San Pedro have been splashed with color for a worthy cause.  Details of the event are listed on each Tower.  Enjoy them while they are here, the Towers will return to their regulation colors near the end of summer...


2010 Paddleboard Races

Paddlers eagerly await instructions for an 8 mile open ocean race from the beach, out around "R-10" buoy off of Rocky Point and back.  Most of these paddle boards are especially built for speed on open water, they are not designed for 'busting through big surf.  On this day, there was some big surf...

Paddle contenders get last minute instructions and precautions regarding paddling out through the surf-line...

"Never under-estimate the power of the ocean".  Despite the best precautions with the best equipment, the ocean is all powerful and will take her toll.  Hit by an outside wave while paddling out, the paddler was uninjured but his board did not fare so well...


2010 - Beach Wedding

The beach is a lovely setting for a wedding.  And, there is nothing more fun than riding a wave and hollering "woo-hoo" while your buddy is stuck on the sand in a wedding party...


2010 - High Tides and Big Surf

On the morning of February 28th, the bike path was looking more like an inland water way thanks to high tides and big surf...

Lifeguard Captain Tracy confers with Beach and Harbors workers...

The big storms of January 2010 took a lot of sand from the beach.  We heard some of the wave riders talking about having to bring ropes or ladders in order to get in and out of the water.  We won't mention any names...


2010 - Emergency Services Training

Under close supervision of their Captain; these firemen are getting ready to "go over the side" while participating in a low angle rescue drill...

We love the United States Coast Guard.  Once a year they visit Torrance Beach for rescue training.  They regularly conduct joint rescue trainng with the Lifeguards. You REALLY love the Coast Guard when you are stuck at sea and that bright helicopter appears like an angel in the sky...

From here it looks like fun.  From the position of the guy in the basket or the crewman hanging out the door it's a whole different perspective...

...and here is the perspective from up top...  Guest photo

...and here is the perspective from the boat...  Guest photo


2009 - Velzey Stevens Pier to Pier Race

Congrats to Riviera Wave Rider John for his 1st place win in his division of the stock class  August 1st Velzy-Stevens Pier-to-Pier Paddleboard Championship!  John, we're proud of you...


2009 - 90210 Film Crew on The Beach

Film crews for the television show "90210" were at TORR this month; the surfers heading down the ramp have just left the dressing rooms and are headed for the beach.  Maybe some of the folks who watch 90210 will recognize some of these surfers.  As for us, we're more likely to recognize Greg Noll or Mickey Dora...

It's standing room only for the cast and crew of 90210 next to the TORR tower.  There was a sign on the sand saying they were filming and if you were there, you were giving consent that you may be in some of the shots.  You never saw so many of the Riviera Wave Riders doing hand-stands and hula spinners...


2009 - Junior Life Guards

The Junior Guards are on the beach and in the water during the month of July.  Here a group of future lifeguard hopefuls are paddling out for their morning work-out...


2006 - Pirates of the Carribean

In January of 2006, Captain Jack Sparrow and his "Black Pearl" sailed the waters in front of the Riviera while filming another sequel of the "Pirates of the Caribbean"...


1967 - "Wholly swim suits, Batman, we're at the beach"! 

In 1967, Batman came to Torrance Beach in pursuit of the notorious Joker.  Riviera waterman Steve R. sent us this photo of his siblings, buddies & he in front of the Batmobile and Jokermobile. This photo was taken at the bottom of the ramp; notice the old main tower was renamed "Gotham Point" for the movie.*

*View a cool YouTube clip of the movie "Surfs Up! Jokers Under!" at the following link:     http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d38xVrWW2wg   You will see the Batmobile and Joker's car at the bottom of the ramp; the main tower circa 1967 renamed "Gotham Point" and Alfredo's location circa 1967 renamed the "Hang 5".  You may also recognize some of the surfers.  Big thanks to Steve R. for sharing this cool photo, history & link with us...