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Junior Wave Riders

'Definitely surfers but not yet 'paddling out without supervision; these are the Junior Wave Riders.  Juniors learn respect for themselves, other surfers and the ocean by watching us.  They learn to share the waves, rinse the sand-off their boards and feet when they get out and share the "shotgun" seat on the way home...

Cormac looking awesome and he will no doubt be hanging five like his dad Shawn soon...

Jett, kickin' it in his cool surf threads, looking forward to his first paddle out with dad Chad...

Olivia's mom and dad are both Lifeguards who love the water and Olivia is definitely loving the water now too...

Our surfing friend Rick is not only blessed with beautiful grandchildren, he is also blessed to be able to share the ocean with them.  Here is Rick with granddaughter Kate enjoying the surf at Waikiki...  Thanks for the photo, Rick

There is no better feeling than taking a young one out to teach them about the water.  Here is Rick with his grandson Tyler...  Thanks for the photo, Rick

Here is Rick's granddaughter Shayla getting some paddling practice in at Turtle Bay in Hawaii...  Thanks for the photo, Rick

Samantha, aka "Little Gidget" definitely has the stoke for surfing.  With a little help from Uncle Carlos, Little Gidget will be walking the nose and hanging 5 in no time...  Photo by Aunt Frances

Every Gidget needs a Kahuna; Uncle Carlos more than fills the role for Samantha...  Photo by Aunt Frances

Emma with her daddy Steve on her first paddle out beyond the surf line.  Nothing is better than paddling out with dad, we're sure we'll see Emma riding waves next summer...

Remember when going to the beach with mom meant her sitting on a beach blanket handing out sandwiches and putting on sun screen?  That was the 50's and 60's; now mom is in the line-up.  When summer is here and the kids are out of school, what better thing to do than take them surfing?  Right-on mom...

'Sharing the aloha of beach life.  Nothing is more special than than sharing it with your child...  Lynn Langmead photo.

Junior Wave Rider Matt P. surveys the line-up.  We love his t-shirt; "Eat, Sleep, Surf"; Matt definitely has the surf stoke to be a Riviera Wave Rider...