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Surf Photos December 2014

2014 was a a good year for weather and surf here in the South Bay.  The water temperature was warm early in the Summer and stayed warm through November and into December.  Reluctantly, we have admitted it's now Winter and we're wearing wetsuits again but the fun continues.  Below are some photos from December 2014, we hope you enjoy them and we wish you a happy and healthy 2015.  Surf with aloha...

Brendan styling and headed for the nose...

Big Joe, all focus and charging down the line...

Stacey swooping in on a nice face...

Angel stoked and riding with finesse...

Jim in the sweet spot and looking good...

John and friends in the line-up and ready...

Gidget in a close encounter with our photographer but never losing focus...

Patrick showing that when you love to surf it doesn't matter what you ride or how you ride it...

Candace and Mary scrambling over some steep Winter water mountains...

Chuck trimmed and looking good...

Joe making the drop while Sandy anticipates the next wave...

John makes every wave look fun...

Sandy in a spray of mist pushing through the lip and down the line...

Way enjoying the ride on his new 10'0" board...

Marc 'cranking a hard fins-out backside turn...

Good friend Chris, home for the holidays and surveying the morning line-up...

2014 was a good year, we are grateful, and we are looking forward to 2015...