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Surf Photos May 2014

May 2014 was fun and very promising of a great Summer to come.  The waves were steady and before the month was over the water warmed into the high sixties; 'nice...

"Wide, slow turns brother, wide slow turns".  Brendan going deep with style...

"Does she or doesn't she" make the drop?  Gidget going for the gusto, as usual...

Whether going front side or back-side, Candace always goes with style...

Chad with a great "Old School" pose and looking good...

Surf Sister 'charging the 'gnar...

Always humble and understated; Rick makes every wave he rides look great...

Marc looking good in the hot curl...

The Professor doing his thing.  Is there anyone cooler?  We think not...

...and here goes Candace again, front-side this time and totally focused...

Here's a couple of powerful paddlers on sprint boards getting ready for Summer beach competitions...

Another great May 2014 morning with beautiful peaks and Big Mike was on them...