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Surf Photos April 2014

Weather and waves improved over last month but the water temps have stayed at or below a chilly 60 degrees.  'No worries though, the cold water didn't slow the fun...

Ben on a nice backside slide...

Mike tip-toeing his way to the sweet spot...

The Professor in flight...

Mary perfectly positioned and enjoying the ride...

Christian on the gas and in the power zone...

Marc the "Flyin' Hawaiian" charging at warp speed...

If ever anyone is ever elegant while they surf, Vanette is certainly one of them...

Gidget, testament to the fact that surfing makes you happy...


...and then the waiting ends!

Amy moved, we're gonna miss her, but like Arnold she said: "I'll be back"!  We look forward to it Amy...

These two always go hard...

If "Dancing With The Stars" calls, we're volunteering Chad...

Welcome to the happiest place on earth boys and girls...

Candace leans in hard...  Photo by Brendan

We were all super-stoked to see Veith back in the water with his new bionic hip.  As we write, today he was sliding waves again on a body board and even managed to get himself inside a tube.  Right-on Veith...