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Surf Photos March 2014

March is known to be a windy month and this March was no exception.  We still managed to surf some days in-between the storms, here are some photos of the fun...

The first few days of March brought the biggest waves we had seen in years, not many surfers ventured out at TORR...

Once things settled down a bit we were back in the surf line.  Here's Art making a nice right...

Art again, this time really working to make a fast left wall...

Anne totally committed and making the big drop...

This March brought several days of Summer-like weather, Adam didn't waste a moment climbing out of his wetsuit and into his trunks...

Gidget riding a beautiful Green Monster, a fitting thing to do on St. Patrick's Day...

Mark and Chuck ready to share a ride Waikiki-style...

Steve riding high while Tim looks on...

Brendan blasting-off at hyper-speed...

Chad and Brendan paired-up and looking good...

She drives a van, her name is Ann, she likes to hold hands while surfing just like Annette & Frankie used to do.  We shall call her "Vanette"...

The Professor flying free and loose on his new Bruce Grant custom board...

Few surfers bring more stoke to the line-up than Amy...

Brendan cross-stepping his way to the sweet spot...

Christian and Rick flying in formation, we can hear the music from "Flight of the Valkyries"...