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We had some beautiful weather this October.  Although surf was slim towards the end of the month, we still made the best of it.  Be sure to visit the "Halloween 2013" page to view our Halloween surfing fun in costume...

Spoondoggie locked into the sweet spot on a beautiful wave...

Mary up and flying on a nice right...

Amy dropping into the big one...

Todd lines-up for the drop while Candace gets ready to duck...

Boogie Board Steve on a clean ride...*

Candace calls this move "The Charleston"...

Eric is stoked...

Boogie Board Steve doing his signature "side slide"...*

Candace fully committed on a nice overhead wave...*

Chris jamming backside...*

Gidget riding the nose...*

Our photographer calls this move "The Matador"...*

Whenever he joins us, Mike Purpus is always a blast to surf with...*

Happy Rick doing his thing...*

Unknown rider flying in the morning mist of some beautiful off-shore conditions...

When the surf went flat at the end of the month, we still enjoyed incredible underwater visibility while taking our workout paddles...

How clear was the water?  We took this photo of our dolphin friends by merely sticking the camera underwater while we were paddling...

* Denotes photo by Brendan.  A big Mahalo to Brendan for contributing so many great photos to this month's update...