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Surf Photos August 2013

With respect to weather, it seems we went from June to November this year skipping July, August and September altogether.  Nonetheless, when there were waves we rode them and when there was sun we were extra grateful...

Gidget makes the drop...

Like mother, like son, go "Big Drop" Matthew...

Christian makes any wave look great...

Gene is all style, focus and finesse...

The ever graceful Mayor John...

Surfing's first couple sharing fun waves and good times...

Thomas is trimmed and looking sharp...

We never get tired of the dolphin...

Carlos was all smiles on his new SUP...

Alex setting-up for a nice take-off and ride...

Bram looking good...

Jimmy on a nice right slide...

"Look Susie, look!  It's the most interesting man in the world"!!  He doesn't ride a wave alone often, but when he does, he's styling...

Josh, Kate and Dave having nothing but fun together...

Play time for our photog...

Only a great waterman like Pat could handle a board like this in a wave...