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Surf Photos August 2012

We were blessed with great weather and waves for August, 2012.  After three years of cold Summer water, the water temp was finally up in the 70's and most everyone was stoked to leave their wetsuits at home.  These are some of the folks who were riding the Riviera during August, 2012...

Part of the beauty of surfing is the minimum of equipment involved.  When we get to leave the wetsuits at home it makes the whole experience just that much better...

Goofy-foot Tiffany is up to her tricks, here...

Chad-man doing his thing with a nice fins-first take-off and ride...

George looking good as usual...

Sun, warm water, nice view and tasty waves; it doesn't get much better for Chad...

John, we love you brother...

Just in time for the election season, someone named this photo "Hanging Chad"...

Super Water Woman Kelsey; she won first place in the women's division of two big paddleboard races this Summer from Catalina to the Mainland; the "Rock 2 Rock" and "Catalina Classic".  Kelsey paddled on a two woman team from Molokai to Oahu this Summer as well.  On top of her paddling prowess, Kelsey is just one nice individual who is always ready to share a smile and a wave...

Grandpa Rick showing the grandchildren he still has the right-stuff...

Steve in form and in control...

Liz coming up off the lip and driving down the line...

Gidget tucked-in an making the most of an inside section...

Marc looking real good on an outside wave...

Marc was so stoked with the photos we took of him, the very next day he brought his camera and returned the favor capturing our photog and a number of others.  That's the true spirit of aloha, thank-you Marc!  Photo by Marc

Candace driving to beat a closing section...  Photo by Marc

"In's and Out's"  Gidget making speed while Candace scrambles over the top...

Just in case no one knows; Steve has been voted "Best Hair" again this Summer...

When the surf is small on the beach, a number of folks are now keeping-up their water workouts with stand-up paddling..

Besides getting a great workout, one of the additional benefits of stand-up paddling is every once in awhile you can find a wave to ride, too...

Gidget sliding some nice gentle waves Hawaiian style...

...and on a stand-up board you can ride the slightest of ripples...

Amy charging...  Photo by Marc

Carlos on a nice overhead wave...  Photo by Marc

Candace made the wave and straightens-out as it closes behind her...  Photo by Marc

Tara is all concentration here...  Photo by Marc

Here goes Liz again charging the glass...  Photo by Marc

Chris looking down the line with the beautiful PV cliffs behind him...