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Surf Photos July 2012

The Surf Photos pages are perhaps our most popular pages.  Every surfer likes to see pictures of themselves and their buddies in the water.  We post a new page of photos on the first of each month. These are some of the surfers who were riding the waves of the Riviera during July of 2012...

Steve, dressed for Summer warm water and styling as always...

Jacqueline learning the mechanics of surfing a beach break and doing great...

Amy, so composed she has time to smile for the camera and think about her next move...

No update is complete without John because he surfs everyday, right-on John...

Rumored to have been a team rider for Greg Noll surfboards, Laurie is all style and grace...

Marshall grabbing a handful of wave to help 'crank his board into a turn...

The young surf camper on the nose of this board is getting a ride he will always remember...

On this morning we found BTTB Ed at the end of the beach.  The waves were slim but so where the crowds...

Christian rocketing on the Professor's Pendaflex...

Matt can't help but smile while riding this clean little wave on a beautiful sunny morning...

A young surfer wades out while the Professor flies high off the back of a closing wave...

Chuck on his 10th wave of the morning and his hair is still dry...

Gidget putting the new Jacobs board through it's paces...