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We aren't too organized about anything but Halloween seems to bring a lot of the gang out for some costumed fun...

Halloween 2010

Halloween 2010 was a blast.  Enjoy the photos below and check-out the Halloweeen video at:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iTPUsIhIw3k

"So, ye be seeking adventure with a Salty Old Pirate, eh"? Photo by Frances.

'Cute as a bug...

As the Salty Old Pirate said:  "Jester you rrrrrip"!  Photo by Frances.

"Dear Mom, You won't believe this crazy bunch of people I found at the beach this morning, I feel like I fit right in"...

"Jelly fish" were a definite hazard in the surf line...

Batman and the Joker were in attendance as well...  Photo by Michelle.

Celebrating birthdays together, these two both wished for the same things and got them.  See below...

All Dan-O wanted was a nice head-high wave to himself and he got one...  Photo by Frances.

All The Tourist wanted was to be able to stand-up on a wave; his birthday wish came true...  Photo by Frances.

We're pretty sure this dolphin was "the real deal" and not one of our gang...

Evil Jester, Soccer Fan and Honolulu Lulu rocked the beach...  Photo by Frances.

The Evil Jester was a little more than scary looking...

This is what they mean when they say: "scared straight".  Honolulu Lulu is trying to convince this little beach goer that The Evil Jester is really an O.K. guy...

There was even a Rock Star on the beach...

The Salty Old Pirate stealing away to  commandeer some waves...

Hannibal Hector on his way to giving Elvira a surf lesson...  Photo by Frances.

Elvira didn't need much instruction until she was on her feet and surfing...  Photo by Frances.


Great friends, great waves and great times...  Photo by Michelle.

The Tourist had his best Halloween ever...  Photo by Frances.


Halloween 2009

Who knew that "Nemo" the Garabaldi could surf?  Not only could Nemo surf, Nemo RIPPED...  Thanks to Rocky for the photo.

Football head here had the whole deal going right down to the shorts and socks, right-on...  Thanks to Randy Ruby for the photo.

Dark Kahuna was doing the "Arch of the Dead Souls" for us on Halloween...  Thanks to Rocky for the photo.

President Bill Clinton "dropped-in" for a visit.  He left his saxaphone at home and brought his board instead.  The President was styling for sure...  Thanks to Rocky for the photo.

Biker Babe, President Clinton, Dark Kahuna and Nemo ready for surf action...  Thanks to Rocky for the photo.

Ariel the Littlest Mermaid was catching lots of rides when not being scared-off the waves by the Dark Kahuna.  Ariel won the "Double Tough" award for surfing without a wetsuit in 59 degree water... Thanks to Gidget for the photo.

The "Ultimate Riviera Wave Rider" was charging hard on Halloween.  Every part of her costume was chosen to represent one or more of her wave rider buddies.  Very cool...

Biker Babe was having a screaming good time ripping the inside sections... 

Dark Kahuna chases another wave down...  Thanks to Rocky for the photo.

Biker Babe with her cup of Joe in the surf line; sweet.  Biker Babe and Dark Kahuna spied some action on the beach and decided to get into some mischief in the image below...

Biker Babe films the action while Dark Kahuna streaks a beach wedding right in the middle of "...'till death do us part"...   Thanks to Randy Ruby for the photo.

Football Fan found his way into a kayak capably handled by the infamous beach legend Randy Ruby aka: MoonDoggie.  You RIP MoonDoggie...

Thanks to everyone who came-out and enjoyed Halloween morning 2009.  The weather was perfect, the waves rideable and the crowd great, it gets no better...  Thanks to Greg for the photo.