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Quotes Surfers Use

Surfers over the years have come-up with many unique quotes; here are a few of them along with their meanings...

Lot Rot - An affliction brought on by hanging in the parking lot too long assessing the waves instead of just paddling out and surfing; often accompanied by coffee drinking and story telling. 

G.W.D. -  "Get Wet Daily".  The credo of the surfer with salt water running in their veins.  Even if it's just for one wave or to simply paddle-out; everything is better after you have been in the water at least once for the day.

Dude, you shoulda been here yesterday - It could be head-high and perfect but there is always one surfer that wants to convince you that the surf was much better the day before when you couldn't be there.  The fact is, he probably wasn't there either.

O.K., Just One More Wave - This line is first learned as a 4 year old when mom and dad have the station wagon packed and it's time to leave the beach and head back to the Valley.  After several minutes of whistling and yelling for you to come out of the water; you act like you just heard them and say "O.K, just one more wave".  When you are an older surfer; it's usually your non-surfing kids who are sunburned, hungry and cold who are pleading with you to get out of the evening 'glass-off when you use this time tested phrase yet again.

You Take This One, I'll Catch the Next One - Don't fall for this one.  The first time or two you hear it you think "geez, what a buddy" and then you can't figure out why you pearled on the take-off.   If you are in the line-up and your buddy tells you; "you take this one, I'll catch the next one"; you can bet he is sending you 'off on a close-out wave and he is going to 'snag the perfect one behind it that you can't see. 

Not My Wave Man - First, remember that surfers are infamous for having exceptional skills at stress reduction and avoidance of anything that "harshes their mellow".  For example; to deal with anything that they really don't think is any of their business or much less care about; they simply utter: "not my wave, man".  The implication is "you take this one, I'll catch the next one".

Ah, You Mo Betta Dan Any Oda Kine! - Typically said with a heart-warming pigeon english like flare; the person hearing this is immediately disarmed feeling someone really likes them.  The fact is; at the time a surfer utters these words; there is a strong possibility he has already relieved you of your wax, your dry towel, your lunch or your girlfriend.

I'd rather owe it to you than gyp you out of it - By the time you hear this one it's usually too late.  Typically follows you discovering your buddy "borrowed" your last 2 bucks and bought a breakfast burrito after he told you he wanted to go home and you told him "O.K., just one more wave".