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Cadillac Craig

If you have ever watched a Dos Equis commercial, you have seen and heard about the alleged "Most Interesting Man in the World".  During the Surfing 4 a Cure event in June of 2012, we were graced by the presence of Cadillac Craig, the REAL most interesting man in the world.  An avid surfer, Craig is one of the nicest men you will ever meet in the water or on the beach...


Fabled for his surfing prowess, quick wit and friendly smile, some wondered if the legendary Rocko would ever come to surf with us again.  But, not unlike Mickey Dora and other legends of the beach who seem to suddenly materialize before our eyes; Rocko not only appeared but surfed in the June 2012 Surfing 4 a Cure event.  Then he disappeared, just as mysteriously as he arrived...

The Boyz from Kansas

Joey, Joe and Tyler came out for a week from Wichita, Kansas.  With high school behind them and college in front of them, they were ready for some California surfing action.  The Riviera Wave Riders embraced them for the week they were here and sent them home with great memories...

Jo from Australia

We met Jo in September of '09 while paddling in front of Haggerty's.  Jo is a Firefighter back home in Australia.  She visits the South Bay during our summer months and is a fierce paddle board competitor.  Jo finished first in her division of the 2008 Catalina Classic and finished second this year.  We bet she will be back next year hunting that number one spot again...

Soren from Denmark:

Soren surfs in Denmark and is in heaven when he gets to surf here at the Riviera.  We scrounged together a wetsuit and a board for Soren, the picture tells the rest of the story.  Soren, you rip!!!

Britt & Egon from Belgium:

So there we were, floating in the surf line when we noticed Britt & Egon.  They were fresh in from Belguim and couldn't wait to catch some California surf.  Britt is a school teacher and Egon an electrical engineer.

They had barely got in the water when we saw them sliding every which way trying to catch a wave.  A quick look at their borrowed boards and we noticed no fins and no wax!

We asked if they would like to stand-up today and their answer was "oh ya"!  'Off the short boards with no fins or wax and onto the 11' Surftech.  Britt was into it in no time.

Egon was into it quickly too; jumping to his feet on his first wave.

The mandatory standing in front of the board pose with the Palos Verdes Riviera in the background.  They still stay in touch with the RWR via e-mail.  A fun morning of surf and a lifetime of memories.