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Who We Are

"The Ramp" at Torrance Beach with the "TORR" tower in the background.  Oh ya; how about that 'peeler wave with no one on it...

We are simply and purely a group of surfers who share a passion; 'sliding the waves 'off of the Hollywood Riviera together.

We are not the first, the last or the only surfers to enjoy this beach; we are 'just a group of wave riders that seem to keep running into each other down here and we have become friends.

We body surf, boogie board, knee board, stand-up surf, stand-up paddle or just plain paddle when the waves are flat.

We are old and young and in-between; we love the water, we love nature and we are grateful for everyday we get to ride the waves.

'Getting to share it with friends makes it extra special.

There is no official membership, no dues, no meetings and no rules. 

We respect the beach, we respect the ocean and we respect each other.

We surf with a spirit of aloha; we encourage, help and watch-out for each other and all beach visitors. 

We 'hoot for anyone who catches a great ride; we come to the aid of anyone who needs assistance.

With all that goes on in the world; the surf line we share is a sacred place where life's issues are left on shore and we are one "ocean family" bound by our common love of the sea.

'Come ride with us...